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July 27, 2008


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Nancy Campana

Hi Bev,
I'd like to print the 52 questions if possible and bring them to the family table. We may try to answer them together, each with our own answers. I can easily do these one at a time if there is not a way to print the list of 52. I like your latest one, what makes you smile. I'd love to hear Jim and O's answers as well as mine and I have just the journal to put all the answers into. Bye for now, my friend. Nancy

Matt Nicolosi

What a fantastic idea you've got here, Bev. I haven't seen a blog that does what yours does in posing questions and encouraging people to write about the things that matter in their lives. Truly refreshing. Kudos.


Arianne Klinkglavalo My "baby" brother and his dear wife Angée became parents of a lovely babyboy they called Keimpe Maximus! And I travelled to them with our mother in a plane(for the first time in my life!) to hold him in my arms!!!
This is only one of the significant things that have happened the last 10 years!!
I can mention many events!!



property inventory london

A bit old school but so sweet after all especially now when most of us think that mail box is only online.


Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)


Amy Tong

This is such a lovely idea. I plan on doing this for my daughter every year on her birthday and giving them to her on her 21st.

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